Entertainment that is not entertaining any more..

Technological advancement has and continues to impact our lives in so many different ways. Particularly TV entertainment has seen unbelievable changes and advancement… But sometimes I feel these changes and advancements have gone overboard..

In an effort to provide more entertainment, the technological advancements in a way is providing less entertainment.

I was asking myself – “When was the last time I have really waited for watching a favorite TV show??”. It has been a really long time…

Till I was in my 11th grade, I did not have a cable TV connection at home (thats because we did not have a color TV which was compatible with Cable TV). Like most of us, (people of my age or older) all that I had was only 1st Channel (DD1) and 2nd Channel (DD2). For cinema songs I use to either listen to radio or on TV wait for ‘Oliyum – Oliyum’ (tamil songs on friday) or wait for ‘Chitrahar’ in the morning and ‘Super Hit Mukhabla’ (For hindi songs on sunday). For watching a movie, we had to wait for Sunday evening for the regional movie… For a comedy serial we had Shreeman – Shreemathi, for mega serial we had Junoooon, for investigative serial we have Kanooon… I just love those days!!!

Even though the number of channels that we had then were limited and the number of programs that we use to see were limited, I was still looking forward to watch something that was really entertaining… There was a reason to switch on the TV…. I use to switch on the TV because I was going to watch a program that I was looking forward to watch… But today, there are 100s of channels and 1000s of programs… Although there are a few programs that are good to watch, I still don’t switch on the TV for watching any specific program. I was initially thrilled with the number of programs that are waiting to you entertain me at anytime (literally 24 hrs a day)… But now I just feel overwhelmed and feel saturated… The law of diminishing marginal utility has started setting in…

TV is almost like a magazine thats lying on a chair/bench of a hair saloon – like you keep turning the pages of a magazine, and may be something catches your attention and you read that page for sometime and then start browsing again… I just keep moving the channels on the remote… (Ya! I know a TV remote and a comfortable sofa is a deadly combination… ) In fact sometimes I feel that I spend more time browsing the channels using the remote than actually watching a program…

I really wish I get back to those days of just DD1 and DD2. I know this wish is like many other wishes which can remain as only wishes. While I keep saying that I want to go back, I also know that I can never go back… But one thing I can certainly do and am planning to do from this new year is to be choosy on the programs I watch so that I spend less time browsing the channels and more time watching one.

About goks

My friends call me Goks and I like being called that way. :-) I am a Piscean by my sun sign and I perfectly fit the description that is available in any public domain. I am just saying that so that I dont have to write too much here. I am married and have a beautiful family... The fact that am married will reflect on my blogs hence no politically incorrect comments or posts from me... ;-) I started blogging in Sep 2009 after being inspired by a friend of mine (Actually my mentor on a lot of aspects of life) I discovered that it is a great way to express myself... Here is where I write - https://gokulraman.wordpress.com Am also an amateur photographer learning everyday. I have always felt that capturing something picture worthy on a camera is a very rewarding experience. Sharing it with others and seeing them enjoy that picture is even more rewarding. I take pics of just about anything hence no specialities. I specifically like shooting nature, animals, landscapes, etc. So if you are bored with what I have written, pls visit my photography blog... http://goks3rdeye.wordpress.com

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  1. Too much supply and damn less time to indulge. I got to agree with you. There is not that awe factor these days, sometimes even the movies, you could always Bit Torrent ’em.

    The repitition and regionization of content is so provoking specially a diverse Indian audience. Most of the times its just the language that is different, otherwise its all the same *&^%

    But I like the confusion and the variety and how there is something available for everyone. Now I wish the technology matures in sucha way that u think of a channel, and its already changed, that could be much easier.

    • Am sure a day like that is going to come Sathya… may be humans will have a chip inserted in the brain which will help transmit this information… I cant imagine what its going to be like in 10 years from now.

  2. rangarajaniyengar

    In those days, tolerance levels were also high because of lack of choices. While select serials were popular and had quality, overall quality was way below what we see today. take chitrahaar itself, even though songs would repeat week after week, and there would be so many advertisements, we would still tune in. today, with so many channels dedicated to movie songs and music videos, the chitrahar format of those days would have no takers. but not just tv, print media, magazines etc also have so much of choices that it is upto the person to hunt through the chaos and find meaningful articles or serials. i believe talent is always alive and due to competition as well as increased avenues for showcasing and nurturing talent, today there is scope for better quality. unfortunately, as you point out, the quality levels possible is far higher than what we get to chose from. the mags in a hair salon is a perfect example. but hey, i thought you had your fair share of fixed tv programmes u watch everyday. and now, better start only commenting on cartoon networks with sahana kutty around 😉 before this comment gets any longer, another fallout due to the choices is the difficult challenge for ad makers. the moment an ad pops up, the remote gets busy surfing channels. in those days, we would discuss ads much much more than today. keep writing, bye for now.

    • You are absolutely right Ranga… those days since we did not have a chance to change the channel when the commercials came along, we use talk about those ads…
      Infact ads like Nirma (Washing powder nirma, washing powder Nirma….) Zandu Balm (Zandu balm, zandu balm, valigali neekum balm… ) I actually use to love those ads.
      They did make some good ads then and they did not have so much difficulty in getting peoples attention also… I agree with you, these days ad makers have a tough time,… Still some good ads do keep us from not changing the channels… Like the amex charge card ad that we use to like… 🙂

  3. You made some really good points there, We only had two channels and so programmes were much more treasured.

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