Karma… Simplified!!

My dad is a firm believer in Karma.. (So am i..) He use to tell me that life is like a balance sheet – The good things that we do go as assets and bad things that we do go as liabilities. At the end of our life if we have done more good and less bad then we will have some assets left.. So to enjoy the assets we may have a happier life in the next birth. But if we have more liabilities and lesser assets, we suffer in lieu of shortage of assets.

The concept of reaping the benefits or sufferings in the next birth does not quite sound appealing to many people. If the good or bad doings have any impact during the same life, there is a lot of incentive for people to do good things.

I recently started watching a TV show called – “My Name is Earl”. This show is actually based on Karma (Americanized version of Karma). It is a story of a person who always does some small crimes, mistakes, and bad things that hurt various people. One day he wins a million dollar lottery ticket and is on his way to encash it. But on the way he meets with an accident and loses the winning ticket and also gets really hurt. While he is in the hospital, he watches a TV show that talks about Karma. He then thinks to himself that the reason why he got hurt and lost the million dollar lottery ticket is because he has done a lot of bad things in life that has hurt so many people in different ways…

So he starts making a list of people whom he may have cheated, did something bad or hurt them in anyway. In every episode they show how he approaches them, confesses the mistake he did to them and apologies. He also does something to make up for what he earlier did to them. In the process of striking one person from the list he identifies one or two more and adds to the list… It is almost like a never ending list but he clears each one of them…

I really liked the concept of this show… It is a comedy show and the kind of mistakes he has done and what he does to make up for those mistakes is Americanized, and is also portrayed in a funny way… But the underlying concept is really noble and has touched me in many ways. It is a great virtue to accept ones mistake and apologies for something. The word “Sorry” is a very small word… But it requires a big heart to say the word “Sorry” and really mean it. It reminds me of the Hindi movie “Lage Raho Munnabhai”, Munnabhai asks Mahathma Gandhi if he can do anything for him… Mahathma says that he wants him to do something for him which is really difficult… Munnabhai says that he is a big shot in Mumbai and can do anything. Mahathma says that he will ask him when right time comes… Finally a situation comes when Munnabhai slaps his best friend in a rage… Mahathma asks him to go and ask “Sorry” to his friend… That was the most difficult thing that Munnabhai has ever done… It brings out the point that real bravery is in accepting ones mistake as apologizing for that… Man!! That scene was really touchy…

This show “My name is Earl” handles the same subject more realistically – When Earl goes and tells someone that he did something bad to them, they don’t take it easy always (unlike what we saw in the case of Munnabhai). He does face rejection from them initially. He still persist and finally does find something that person would really need at that point of time and does that somehow to make up for his wrong doing.

I actually think this is really the simplified version of Karma… Linking our doings to rebirth may seem a little complicated… We are humans after all and can do mistakes knowingly or unknowingly which may have hurt others… But in an effort to balance our Karma, I don’t think doing some unrelated good things is a good idea… It is like “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”… I feel that if we have done something bad to someone, we should at least attempt to go and apologies to them and try to do something to make up for what we have done. It may not be possible always and with everyone… But in most cases it may not be as difficult as we think. It is certainly worth an attempt… That is probably a better way to bring our Karma balance sheet back in line… After all, a guilt free mind is a happy mind.

Am in the process of coming up with my list… So watch out… I may be knocking at your door to apologize for something. 🙂


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My friends call me Goks and I like being called that way. :-) I am a Piscean by my sun sign and I perfectly fit the description that is available in any public domain. I am just saying that so that I dont have to write too much here. I am married and have a beautiful family... The fact that am married will reflect on my blogs hence no politically incorrect comments or posts from me... ;-) I started blogging in Sep 2009 after being inspired by a friend of mine (Actually my mentor on a lot of aspects of life) I discovered that it is a great way to express myself... Here is where I write - https://gokulraman.wordpress.com Am also an amateur photographer learning everyday. I have always felt that capturing something picture worthy on a camera is a very rewarding experience. Sharing it with others and seeing them enjoy that picture is even more rewarding. I take pics of just about anything hence no specialities. I specifically like shooting nature, animals, landscapes, etc. So if you are bored with what I have written, pls visit my photography blog... http://goks3rdeye.wordpress.com

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  1. Gokul,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog and i certainly agree with you.
    BTW, i will let you know my address and please confess for all the Battery stories you have told us in the past. 🙂


  2. This is really touching anna and i really appreciate you for your steps.. I really feel proud of being ur sister.. But what do u think of ppl suffering coz of others mistakes.. Is this also a game of karma?

    • I think when we suffer due to others mistakes it probably goes in as contra liability – that’s an accounting term for a liability that has to be shown on the asset side… So our sufferings which adds to our assets I guess… But when suffer due to others mistakes it certainly goes into that other person’s liability…

  3. Dear Gokul,
    I saw your communication on Karma theory. This is only a bigginig towards self realisation. This unique circuit will get completed only if we meticulously follow on daytoday basis.
    In this world millions of people are aware ofthis Karma theory only hand ful of persons do follow.
    What I mean is there are more preachers than followers.I wish you must possess the knowledge of The Krma theory and become a Live Example on following when ever and where ever possible.
    I Invoke God’s Blessings to Provide You More Enlightenment on this. WE ARE REALLY PROUD TO HAVE A SON LIKE YOU AND WISH YOU ALL THE BEST DURING THE DAYS TO COME. And I will be a helping hand to provide more and more tips in future.
    With luv and Blessings.
    Appa and Amma

  4. Ooohh Gokul,
    The above comments are really dictated by APPA only( I am the typist). I told appa to read your blog and he was sssoooooo happy and told me to send his comments on this blog. The credit goes to appa.(adhoda naanum oru kosuru)

    with luv…amma

  5. Gokul,

    This is a very nice blog. I enjoyed reading it very much.


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