Looking at the brighter side…

After a long streak of working from home, today I decided to go to office… As usual i started searching for my ID card just seconds before i was going to get down to catch the bus… (Thanks to my daughter who likes playing with my badge). But it was my mistake I shud have checked that earlier… Anyways I had to come to office without my badge/ID card.. In our office building there are two level access – one for getting through the lobby and the other for entering our floor (36th floor)… On a normal day I will get a temporary pass for going thru the lobby and when I reach my floor I would ask help from one of team members to open the door for me… Due to snow and transport issues no one came into office today and everyone worked from home…

So I explained the siuation to the security gaurd in the main lobby and asked him if he can help me get into my floor.. He readilly agreed and came up with me to open the door.. On the elevator I told him that I was really sorry for the trouble…

He said, “No.. No.. Don’t feel sorry at all.. Am happy that you asked me for help. It is so much better than standing in the lobby all day and just keep looking people come and go…”

At first I just giggled and thanked him.. But once I came in, I just thought about what he said… He really did teach me a couple of lessons..

A) Despite the fact that he had to come all the way up to open the door just for me, he still looked at the brighter side…
That he is getting a break… It is so easy to complaint when things don’t happen per our plan… But it takes great character to look at the brighter side and not feel bogged down..

B) Sometimes, I use to feel that I am in a kind of stressful job and all that… But think about the kind of mental stress that security gaurds will be going thru every day… All that they have to do the whole day is just stand there and look at people.. May be a half a dozen times in there career they may have to react to an emergency and react to that situation deligently as if they have been doing it daily… There are many stressful jobs like this and everyone is putting up with it… I have no reasons what so ever to complaint about stress…

There is Tamil song written by the great poet Kannadhasan which says “unakkum kezhe ullavar kodi, yenni parthu nimadhi thedu…” It means there a crore people below you (deprived of things).. Think about them and feel better…:-)


About goks

My friends call me Goks and I like being called that way. :-) I am a Piscean by my sun sign and I perfectly fit the description that is available in any public domain. I am just saying that so that I dont have to write too much here. I am married and have a beautiful family... The fact that am married will reflect on my blogs hence no politically incorrect comments or posts from me... ;-) I started blogging in Sep 2009 after being inspired by a friend of mine (Actually my mentor on a lot of aspects of life) I discovered that it is a great way to express myself... Here is where I write - https://gokulraman.wordpress.com Am also an amateur photographer learning everyday. I have always felt that capturing something picture worthy on a camera is a very rewarding experience. Sharing it with others and seeing them enjoy that picture is even more rewarding. I take pics of just about anything hence no specialities. I specifically like shooting nature, animals, landscapes, etc. So if you are bored with what I have written, pls visit my photography blog... http://goks3rdeye.wordpress.com

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  1. This shows you are a optimist and u r always a inspiring prsn for me anna..

  2. ya buddy.. fantastic one.. πŸ™‚

  3. The incident teaches a moral lesson about how an individual handle the situation.Good keep it up.

  4. really nice way of looking at life !!!!

  5. gocooool,,,

    on reading all these, i just get one feeling….

    ” proud to be your sister”

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