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My favorites from Isai Gnyani Illayaraja – 1

Tamil cinema industry in particular is well known for giving titles to people in the industry like “Super STAR”, “Mel Isai Mannar”, “Kavi Arasu”, etc, etc… One such name is “Isai Gnyani” Illayaraja… He is truly an “Isai Gnyani” – Am sure there is some divine force within him. Like many of you, I have a large collection of his songs on my iPod and listen to them everyday…

Although there are some great music composers today, I feel that some of the good songs that I have heard recently seem to have a life cycle… At first instance you like them, you want to hear them for a few times again and again, but soon that song will not interest you anymore… A new song comes by, and so on… But some of the songs by “Isai Gnyani” seem to have some magic… The more I listen to his songs, the more I want to listen to them again.

One such song is “Ooooh Vasantha Raja… Then Sumandha Roja…” from Neegal Kettavai… Am sure every music director takes time to understand the situation of the song and tries to bring that feel in the song. But this one is brilliant…If you had noticed the idea behind that song is to give you a duet which has traditional classical music in the 1st Charanam and be based of western music in the 2nd Charanam. He chose a beautiful ragam which can accommodate both kinds of music (I think it is MULTANI KAPI – I have read somewhere although also resembles Keeravani a little bit– One of Isai Gnyani’s favorite ragam I should say). In classical he used Veenai and Mridhangam and for western he used guitar and drums. In both charanams the notes are the same but in different instruments… To make the western sound western but based off a South Indian classical tune is just brilliant… I guess that is why we call him the one and only Isai Gnyani… 🙂