Are we becoming more restless?

Communication technology has changed our life and our lifestyle. Now the world is reaaaaaaaaaally small… If you have a smart phone then the world is in your hands. You can communicate anytime, anywhere to anyone you want. While I simply love to do all the fancy things with my smart phone, I am just feeling that am becoming more & more restless and increasingly less tolerant. I am able to sense that feeling in others who I know too. I cannot wait to hear from someone, I cannot wait to see something…

Not many years ago when I was in school or college, cell phones were not common. It was considered to be one of the status symbols of the rich. I use to travel a long distance for school as well as college. When I was in school, I would leave around 6.30 am and return home around 5.00 pm. During this time, there used to be absolutely no communication between me and my parents. Am pretty sure that was the case with most of you too. Our parents never used to be so paranoid about the fact that there is no information about us while we were away. In fact the travel sometime required a good amount of walking, cycling, bus transit, etc… They just believed that we were safe and kept moving forward with their work.

Whereas today, when we start from home, we are expected to call our loved ones of we have got into the bus/train, if we have reached the destination safely, if everything during the day is alright, what time are we planning to start, what time we actually started, etc… If any of this is not done, our loved ones get worried. It is like “why did you not call me for the last hours, we were beginning to get worried”…

The other day, there was this lady in the bus who was sitting beside me and seemed pretty restless and was constantly checking here FB on iPhone… After a point she lost it, she called someone and was asking her friend why she did not respond to her FB comment which she posted 2 hours back… and that in fact turned out to be an argument where she was accusing the other person for being pretty non-responsive to her postings on FB…

As much as these technological advancements in many areas including communication have made life easier and more entertaining, it is also having a severe impact psychologically on us. We are not willing to wait for few seconds where as we would have waited a few hours not many years back for the same thing.

Please do not mistake my thoughts to be against the technological advancements… I love what we have. I am only saying that we should embrace technology more responsibly and not forget our basic human values. I am reminded of the song from the movie Sivaji… “Koovum Cell Phonin Nacharippai Anaiththu , Konjam Sil Vandin Uccharippai Ketpom…” (Lets switch off the cell phone’s disturbance and listen to the buzzing of the bees…”). Ironically my first blog was about how my new iPhone has changed my world a year back… 🙂


About goks

My friends call me Goks and I like being called that way. :-) I am a Piscean by my sun sign and I perfectly fit the description that is available in any public domain. I am just saying that so that I dont have to write too much here. I am married and have a beautiful family... The fact that am married will reflect on my blogs hence no politically incorrect comments or posts from me... ;-) I started blogging in Sep 2009 after being inspired by a friend of mine (Actually my mentor on a lot of aspects of life) I discovered that it is a great way to express myself... Here is where I write - Am also an amateur photographer learning everyday. I have always felt that capturing something picture worthy on a camera is a very rewarding experience. Sharing it with others and seeing them enjoy that picture is even more rewarding. I take pics of just about anything hence no specialities. I specifically like shooting nature, animals, landscapes, etc. So if you are bored with what I have written, pls visit my photography blog...

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  1. gocooooooolll… ur awesome man…

  2. Hi Gokul…..its true kanna…I could remember thosedays when you were in schools. Proud of you how dedicated in doing sandhyavandhanam and doing pradhaksham of Pillayar temple and rush to catch the bus…Sometimes it brings tears thinking about how our children was going to school without proper transpotations from madhavaram.Since i could remmeber when you were in “plug card display” in Asian games, one day you cameback by night 12 o’ clock.And when you came back with some one’s cycle(think Ramani Uncle!) i started crying and hugging you…Thosedays we dont heard this much “murders and kidnaps” So we trust the children will comeback from school @ the right time,or by an hour later also.
    Any How nowadays we could speak with our children even they are far away from us. Hope the technology will get advanced and we could ech our children the moment we think about them…very soon…I miss you kanna…
    I miss you…

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