Mindless Politics by Cheap Politicians

When Mahatma Gandhi Ji’s personal belongings went on auction in 2009 the so called “Gandhi Dynasty” and all the other political parties were simply spectators and it required a business man to secure them for India. It was after all $ 1.8 million for a country where political scams exceed billions of dollars…

But when India wins world cup the players get bonus money in crores from state and central govt while it’s the money making BCCI’s job to compensate the players… As a tax payer I would have been happy to spend my money towards securing Gandhi Jis belongings instead of mindlessly paying cricket players…

I have nothing against the players… They did good and deserve to be compensated but BCCI should pay them more if needed because they are making 100s of millions of dollars…


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My friends call me Goks and I like being called that way. :-) I am a Piscean by my sun sign and I perfectly fit the description that is available in any public domain. I am just saying that so that I dont have to write too much here. I am married and have a beautiful family... The fact that am married will reflect on my blogs hence no politically incorrect comments or posts from me... ;-) I started blogging in Sep 2009 after being inspired by a friend of mine (Actually my mentor on a lot of aspects of life) I discovered that it is a great way to express myself... Here is where I write - https://gokulraman.wordpress.com Am also an amateur photographer learning everyday. I have always felt that capturing something picture worthy on a camera is a very rewarding experience. Sharing it with others and seeing them enjoy that picture is even more rewarding. I take pics of just about anything hence no specialities. I specifically like shooting nature, animals, landscapes, etc. So if you are bored with what I have written, pls visit my photography blog... http://goks3rdeye.wordpress.com

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