Lets break the cycle of hatred

It has been 10 years since the 09/11 attacks, one of the black days in the modern history. When thousands of innocent lives were snatched away from them and their loved ones in a blink of an eye. When some cruel minded sitting somewhere in the caves thought that the way to show their anger against a country is by killing innocent people.

Well think about it for a second. There are so many such smaller 09/11s happened before and after the actual 09/11 around the world. Even recently in the Delhi Highcourt blast a few innocent people lost their lives, in the Mumbai attacks hundreds of people lost their lives… Be it a terrorist act in US, Bali, Somalia, India, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Russia, Japan, it has always been due to a cycle of war, war crimes, suppression, poverty, hunger, helplessness and all resulting in hatred. Some of those reasons are obvious, and some not so obvious to the public eyes… Some seemingly justified, some unjustified…. “He hit me, so I hit him back 10 times harder, so he hits back 100 times harder, so I hit back 1000 times harder and this never ends…” Sometimes each sides may have temporary victories but a bigger horror is soon to follow that they have to cope with.

Let us break this cycle of hatred… Everyday we have an opportunity to break this hatred cycle… there are so many kids born everyday who have no clue about what is hatred, who they should hate and why… 100 years from now, 99.999% of this world is going to be occupied by new people who dont live today and have not been a part of the dark history directly. Let this world take a sincere effort not to sow the seed of hatred in their minds… Instead give them a opportunity to live happily. Let us make a little contribution in someway or the other to make lives for others better too. .My friend’s dad is a doctor and does a lot of free medical camps to help the under privileged. He told me once and that inspired me a lot “Around each of us there is a small world and there are people in this small world. If each of us work towards just making the world around us a little better, the whole world should be a lot better”. When one has a better life for him/herself and have things to do, a good job to keep, a life to live, family to be taken care of, everything else becomes negligible.

My prayers are with all those families who lost their loved ones due to this dreadful disease call hatred.

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  1. true … we should make our contribution count.

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