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Innocence of a child

I have often been dumb struck by some of the questions that my daughter asks me. What I heard from her a couple of days back was one of the best.


It was a slightly unusual morning… We woke up to some kind of commotion from the kitchen. Apparently, my mom had placed an apple by mistake on the kitchen counter top the previous night and it seemed like a rat had visited, eaten a portion of the apple. She was so upset about Rat at home (particularly in the kitchen) and was telling all of us about what happened… Basically just the usual reaction from anyone when they find Rat’s presence at home and all the usual reaction…

But a very unusual response came from my daughter after hearing my mom and seeing the half eaten apple. She said, “Paati (grandma)… Rat has a small mouth, imagine the difficulty it would have had in eating such a big piece like this…” She questioned my mom, “Why did you not cut them into pieces so that the Rat could have eaten it easily… Every time you ask me to eat apples you cut them into pieces… When you give me Chappathi (Indian Bread), you cut them into pieces…”

I was pleasantly surprised at this comment from my daughter. While all of us where worried about what else could have happened, should we clean some of the vessels on the counter top, how to prevent the rat from coming again, my daughter was actually concerned about the Rat and how to make its job easier while eating.

It is quite surprising how we all have grown up being so self-centered and sometimes have to be reminded by a child to be concerned for others.


Human Resilience Vs Mother Nature

From time to time, mother nature has her own way of telling us that she is more powerful than us. But humans have our own way to respond back that we will bounce back and stand up. I witnessed a standing example of this tug-of-war this past week.

A couple of days back (09/22/2010), there was a severe thunder storm in Pittsburgh but lasted for just 30 mins. But 30 mins was all that our mother nature needed to leave behind 52000 homes without electricity. Many trees fell down and power lines were down. It took a couple of days to restore power.

Obviously in a country like US where electricity plays a major role in our day to day life, it was not so easy to cope with the situation where we did not have electricity for two days. We could not cook at home because the stove was electricity based. We could not walk out of our apartment to use the staircase to go in and out of the building because there is no alternative light source in the walkway even during the day… so it is pitch darkness…  If you dont have a flash light its a very tough situation (A moment that reminded me what a difficult life people who are blind actually lead.. It is really tough) So mother nature clearly told us that she is bigger than us and can simply put our normal life in jeopardy in no time.

But it was the human’s turn to respond back to mother nature politely that we have a strong will that can help us bounce back. One of my friends who lives in a different community which had power restored offered to help us – they were very magnanimous to accomodate our whole family till the power was restored in our apartment. Similarly people from different regions who had power offered to help other people who did not have electricity. Infact there were a group of families who got together, went and bought a camp stove (propane gas stove) and cooked for the whole group and spend a couple of days.

Be it hurricane devastation, volcanic erruption or power shut down or any other natural calamity, mother nature does tell us that she is more powerful. But humans do bounce back…